Sunday, September 23, 2012

Marlene finally goes on her mission...............

     So back in May ( I think) I wrote about an amazing girl named Marlene Epina getting a mission call to Australia. She was suppose to leave in July, in fact the 1st of July, but because of visa issue's she kept being put off. Well, she was going to be put off again, but because of an awesome mission Pres., Pres. Mecham,  who pleaded in her behalf, we got a phone call late (about 10:15 p.m.) Saturday night from him, saying he had just gotten an e-mail saying that Marlene was leaving on the "red eye" flight Sunday night.( last night) We were suppose to let her know.
 We tried to call, but no answer, so we called the Elders (Elder Madill and Elder Lyman) and ask them to let Marlene know in the morning, as early as they dared. So, they got a hold of her early Sunday morning and we got a hold of her a short time later. She was so excited and scared at the same time.
     Well last night at 10:00 p.m. we went with Sam Bailey ( Sam drove his truck, so he could bring Marlene's friends and family to the Airport to see her off, because they do not have a vehicle to get there) to get Marlene and her family and friends. I rode in the back with everyone and all the way to the Airport ( about a 40 minute ride) we laughed and sang hymns and cried. We got Marlene checked in, she said her goodbyes and finally after a 2 1/2 month delay, she is off to the MTC in Provo to learn English, and then off to Australia, we hope. ( if Visa issues continue, she may be reassigned)
Arriving at the Airport in Sam's truck

Marlene, does she look like a great missionary or what?

Mary, Marlene, Lisa     BFF's

Mary, Marlene, Lisa & Marlene's sister Maggie

The scariest Sr. couple on the Island and Marlene

Marlene & her cousin Joseph

Sam, Marlene's brother Patterson, and me
Patterson filled out all of Marlene's
immigration papers for her

Marlene with her family and friends

Marlene, with her brother and sisters that were able to come to the Airport

Sam and Elder Kjar
     Here are some pictures of her leaving, after you look at the pictures read the rest of the story, The ending will strengthen your testimony that God answers prayers and works miracles.

Now for the rest of the story.

Let me tell you why (my personal opinion and this is my blog, so I am entitled to that) I think Marlene did not leave when she was suppose to, the 1st of July. This story starts about 9 years ago, give or take.
  About  9 years ago, Marlene was baptized. Her brother Patterson was also baptized about that time. In the past 9 or so years, Patterson has fallen away from the church. Marlene has stayed strong and continued to pray for her parents and the rest of her family to have their hearts softened and listen to the missionary lessons and join the church. Always having Faith, that one day her prayers would be answered, if she did her part, by staying strong and setting an example.
    When Marlene opened her mission call, her parents were indifferent, in fact, they said  "We don't care where she is going, we just want her school refund"
     In the last 2 1/2 months, since Marlene was "suppose" to leave, her little brother Jack was baptized, her brother, Patterson has come back into activity and her parents have been listening to the missionaries, in fact they invited us out to there home tonight to have FHE with them.
    Marlene's family needed her "Missionary" spirit, just long enough to see and feel.
The Lord answers prayers and gives us miracles, maybe not in the time frame we think He should, but he always answers righteous desires, if we are faithful and do our part.
     Australia (or wherever Marlene finally lands) watch out, she, along with the amazing spirit she has, will convert the whole nation.

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