Wednesday, June 13, 2012

     We started our summer Institute classes and we love them.  We are teaching the Joseph Smith History, as found in the Pearl of Great Price.  We have broken it down into 6 lessons, so we do 3 of the lessons in June and 3 in July and we have 3 firesides and 3 activities, it will keep us busy for the summer, but we love it. We have the most amazing Young Adults out here, they love to learn and come and participate.
     We teach in the Kolonia Building on Sunday evenings,  the Nett, Sekerra, and Kolonia branches come to that class.  We teach in the Sapwalap church on Tuesday evenings, the Uh, Mand and Sapwalap branches attend that one, and the Palikir church on Thursdays for the Kitti and Palikir branches.
The Kolonia, Nett & Sekerra Young Adults

Kolonia, Nett & Sekerra

Sapwalap, Uh, & Mand Branches

Palikir, Kitti Branches
     We are both learning so much out here, I am grateful, that the Lord knew just exactly what experiences we needed to grow and learn.

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