Friday, June 1, 2012

Priesthood Blessings

     I love the Priesthood and I am so grateful it has been restored to the earth.  This morning we went to the hospital to visit a young man that has been sick since Wednesday.  While we were there his father ask Elder Kjar and Elder LeFevre to give his son a blessing. they talked him in to giving the blessing himself to his son, since he holds the Priesthood also.
     For some reason the people here really are almost afraid to use the Priesthood, they would rather have one of the missionaries give a blessing, then give it themselves. They are afraid they won't say the right thing.
    today Patrick gave his son a blessing, afterward, he said that he is always amazed at how he feels while he gives a blessing and after. he said, I always know that HE loves us so much and is just waiting to bless us, but we have to ask.
    The Lord does love us, and we must have the Faith to ask for those blessings we need in our lives.  I am so grateful HE loves us enough to bless us when we ask in Faith.

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