Thursday, June 14, 2012


Esmerelda, giving her Valedictorian Speech

Us, Esmerelda, the Kjars

Daisy Kalio,  Valedictorian of her school

Renster Kalio, His friend and Daisy Kalio

Daisy Kalio
Sis. Kalio, Daisy, Renster, Pres. Kalio
Daisy and Renster Kalio
Elder and Sister LeFevre, Pres. and Sis. Kalio

 Renster Kalio

     We have been invited to several high school and middle school graduations.  They do some things the same as at home, but a lot of things different.  One of the graduation traditions out here, I really love.  They take time for each of the graduates to tell there parents thank you. Now i know this would never work back home, just because of the size of the graduating classes, but it is really touching when these young men and young women show appreciation for their Mom and Dad. It is pretty emotional for most of them and their parents. It is nice to see them acknowledge that their parents helped them a lot to get to this point in life.
Jefferson, Esmerelda, LeVon

Esmerelda ( Valedictorian), Makerya
    wouldn't it be nice if all of us, when we accomplice some great task, would acknowledge those that helped us along the way.  Especially our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ, because none of us would have anything, or done anything of value in this life if it weren't for them.

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