Friday, June 22, 2012

A Mission Call for Jennifer

   We got to go and see another one of our young adults open a mission call.  Jennifer Marks received her mission call yesterday, and Pres. Hemmon ask us if we could find her and give it to her. So we needed to pick up the Sister Missionaries from an appt. and we told them that we had tried every phone number we had and we could not get a hold of Jennifer. We told them why we needed to find her and if they could help us, since they go on splits with her a lot. They were just as excited as we were, so off we went in search of Jennifer, we finally found her, at her mom's house. We showed her what we had and she invited us all in to watch her open it.  We finally got to meet her father, he is not a member of the church, and the whole family was gathered. Her mom, her dad, her brother and her and us and the sister missionaries. We all had to make a guess before we started, and as  couldn't believe it, her brother guessed it exactly.
Jennifer, Sis. Varea, Sis. Salaiau

Sis. Marks, Sis. Salaiau, Sis. Varea, Jennifer, Sis. LeFevre
Jennifer's brother

Waiting for Dad

Opening the Call

To scared to read it

Reading the Call

No words can really explain this moment, you had to be there, we were all crying

Mom watches on

Dad, having a hard time letting his little girl go

Wow, Hawaii,  the whole family is excited

A Dad and Daughter Moment

excited fellow missionaries

        I don't know if opening a mission call will ever be just another day, the spirit is always so strong, and it was again this time. We all cried as Jennifer read her mission call.  She has been called to serve in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission, and part of her mission she will serve in the Laie Temple Visitors Center.  Here are some pictures to capture the moment.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this Elder and Sister Laferv!. My companion and I baptized Jennifer and Tradsen when we were on Pohnpei, what an amazing couple of kids. It doesn't even seem possible that she is old enough to serve a mission! When the kids were considering baptism, their dad was against it, we fasted and prayed so much for him to give his approval. The day he finally said yes my companion and I came home to 27 messages on our answering machine, all from their mom Suleh, she was so excited to tell us the news. They were so excited that baptism was a reality. Thank you for sharing this, gave me goosebumps