Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Home Evening with Joseph, again

     We went to Joseph Roudes for FHE,  we have been to Josephs before, but not since his son-in-law passed away several weeks ago.  We had gone out on Sunday and visited with him for a while to check on him and his family and to check if it would be o.k. if we brought all the Sr. Couples out to FHE on Monday. He said it had been hard for his family and especially for his daughter, since her husband had died and the culture here says that she should stay with her husbands family now, so she has gone back to live with them and Joseph and his family are worried about her and her children.  He also ask us some advice on what to do with one of his sons that is really rebelling. We listened and shared some of our ideas. I don't know if it helped much, but he said it did and that his family would love to meet the new Sr. couple, the Vincents, and have all of us come to FHE.
    So we went on Monday to FHE, and as soon as we got there, he gathered all his family together and they gave us coconut juice, banana's fresh and fried and sour-sap fruit, we had brought banana coconut bread to share, so we all ate first and then the Kjars had brought the movie the Testaments, so we watched it with the projector aimed at the little freezer they have. they were really touched by it and ask some questions after, we shared our testimonies and took some family pictures of them,( we have them printed up and give them to the family), most , if not all the families out here have never had a family picture, Elder LeFevre and I have decided that we are going to set up times after church in each of the branches, to take family pictures for the families here, and then we will get them printed up and give them to the families. The few we have already done it for, love them.
Hersberg, Josephs son

Joseph with his wife and grandson

Part of the family

The family that all live with Joseph

another son

More children and grandchildren

Yummy, coconuts

Joseph and his wife

What you wash up with in Pohnpei, real sponges from the ocean

Elder Bourne & Elder Loveless and the sponges
   It was a great night and Joseph said he was really touched by the movie, maybe someday, he will choose to get baptized, like the rest of his family.

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