Friday, June 22, 2012

Success at Pohnpei Campus

   We have been trying to get permission to hold an Institute class on Pohnpei Campus.  Pohnpei Campus is another campus of the College of Micronesia, it is located in Kolonia.  We already have been able to set up and have classes on the Palikir Campus of C.O.M., but we had not been able to work out getting permission to hold classes on the Pohnpei campus. Well this week, SUCCESS.  We finally got permission to have class on the Pohnpei campus. So starting in August, we will have classes for the Institute on both the Palikir Campus and the Pohnpei Campus. We are so excited. We can't wait.  The Lord really has opened windows, when we thought doors were shut. Our Young Adults, that attend the Pohnpei campus are so excited that they will be able to take institute on their campus also.  It is a great day for the Lord.

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