Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Morning Excercise Route

Partially sunken ship

Ship Graveyard

Dry Dock

FSM Coast Guard

"Thank You" for coming


Pohnpei International Airport

Pictures do not do justice to the beauty here

Picnic Table

One of our New signs, warning against driving under the influence of Sakau

Homemade canoe ( from a tree0

Homemade Canoe

Home by the water
     Each morning we go for a 3 + mile walk for our daily exercise, we walk out to the airport and back, to get there we get to walk along a man-made causeway that has the ocean on both sides, we love it. Here are some pictures. ( If more of us got to walk along such a beautiful route, we might all exercise more, my route back home is going to be bland after this)

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