Sunday, March 11, 2012

Great things for Pohnpei

     The Lord has great things in store for Pohnpei, we just got 3 new missionaries last week and were able to open up 2 new areas and we just got word that we are getting another Sr. Couple, The Vincents, from Parowan, Utah. They will be arriving  in a week and a half.  We can sure use them. There is so much work to do here and not enough time to get it all done.  but it is even more then that, there is a feeling on the island, you can feel that the Lord has such a love for these people and they are ready. The members are working with finding less active members and that is so much help to us, because we will all leave one day and it is the members that have to stay strong in serving the Lord and help strengthen each other and keep each other strong. It is the same everywhere, missionary work is not just for the called and set apart missionaries, it is for everyone, ward and branch members need to go out and find there friends and neighbors and family members that have fallen away or are not members and help them to come back, to come unto Christ, because it is only through Christ that we can all be perfected and if we are not coming unto Him, we are going away from Him. and if we are not helping our friends and family to stay strong and to come unto Christ, we are not doing what He sent us here to do.
      We are so excited to have another Sr. couple on the island, there has never been more than 1 couple on these islands before, so the members are really excited to get another set of "old" missionaries. The Lord has great things in store for Pohnpei, and I am so grateful to be a part of it all, to be on the Lords errand here in the vineyard of Pohnpei.


  1. I know the Vincents! He was our Stake President when I was growing up :) They'll be great! I gave my dad your email address, but I don't know that he'll be able to get it to them before they leave. He didn't know who was going, so I'll let him know :).

  2. Elder and Sister LeFevre,
    My name is Alan Crapo, the father of Elder Crapo. We really look forward to picking up our son and visiting Guam and Pohnpei. My email address is and my wife Karen's email address is
    I look forward to meeting you and visiting Pohnpei.

  3. Hello Brother and Sister LeFevre, Our son Brandon (Elder James) arrived on Pohnpei yesterday (Mar 28) so I'm sure you will (or have) met him. We look forward to hearing about his work there. Glad to know there are some senior missionaries there to help take care of the Elders.
    Richard and Judy James