Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Spirit

     We had a great day today, it started out like most days, we walked 3 miles, came home and met the Zone leaders and the Kjars at a new apartment that we are looking at for a new set of Elders that are coming. We are opening up a new area on the island for missionary work. It is the Sekerra area, now the Sekerra branch will have it's own set of missionaries, so we have to find a new apartment for the missionaries. We are also getting a new sister missionary. All the new missionaries arrive on Friday.
Guacamole anyone?

Yum, in about 3 days we will have them for breakfast , lunch and dinner

     then we went over to Ponrockiet because a member called this morning and said she had some avocado's for us.  Trust me the pictures do not do justice to these. some of them are almost as big as out phone.
     After that we went out to do the apartment checks. about every 6 weeks the Kjars and us go to each of the missionary apartments and check them. We check for Cleanliness, to make sure all the appliances are working, etc. but mostly because it makes sure that they get a good cleaning at least once every 6 weeks.  We will give out 4 awards at District mtg on Thursday.  The very coveted "Pine Sol award", that is for the cleanest apartment, The "Cleanest Floor" award, that one is obvious, the Cleanest Car award, ( the cars get inspected too.), and the dreaded "Putty Knife" award, for the apartment we need a putty knife to get through.  We will see who gets what award on Thursday.
     then on the way home, we stopped at  Angie's for dinner, because our power was still out and a really strange thing (strange in a good way) happened. We walked up to the counter and ordered our food and as we walked back to get a seat this man stopped us and with tears in his eyes wanted to shake our hands. In very broken Pohnpeian I asked him his name "ia dome" and he told me,  I then ask if he was a member of our church, and he nodded yes and just sat there and stared at us and kept wiping the tears from his eyes. We tried to talk to him, but he didn't understand much English and our Pohnpein leaves a lot to be desired, so we patted him on the back and shook his hand and he let us go. While we ate our dinner he kept watching us and crying. When it came time for us to leave he once again shook our hands, and I patted him on the back. the spirit was really strong, I don't know what his story is, I wish I spoke the language better and understood it better, so we could have helped him more, but I think it did help that we took the time to try and to shake his hand and pat him on the back. He knew we were representatives of the Church and that somehow gave him comfort. We couldn't even communicate enough to get his information, other then a first name, so we could have gone to visit him. Hopefully the Lord will put him in either our path again or the other missionaries path, so one of us can help him.
       It is amazing to me how the spirit works sometimes, I don't think there are ever any coincidence's, all things happen for a reason, we meet people along our journey through this life for a reason, I hope I can help all those I meet, to know there Savior Jesus Christ better and to come unto Him. that is what this work is all about, to brings souls unto Christ.  The Church is true, I know it and I love it. I hope I can do some good here in Pohnpei.

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  1. Love how u guys get them Elders cleaning the apartments. The Elders here could use some incentive to clean, apartments are a mess, not good :( Anyway it sounds like thinks are going well over on your island. Keep up the good work guys!