Monday, March 5, 2012

New Missionaries

Sis. Varea patiently waiting for her Sister at the airport and Sis. Kennach, the 2
old sisters you see are Sis. Kjar and Me ( I know we are not
half as cute as Sis. Varea

Elder Haas, Elder Gasu, and Elder Crapo , waiting, waiting, waiting

Elder Stewart returning from Guam with his new companion, wait where is
that companion ?

There he is, Elder Bourne

Elder Madill and Elder Bourne,  Where do we go from here ?

The Sisters Varea, reunite

A Little overwhelming

Ready to work

Just half of the missionaries now on the Island of Pohnpei, Our little sons and daughters, ready to work and help all of
God's children to find there way home.
     Isn't it amazing how the Lord knows just what is needed in every part of the vineyard!   We have so much missionary work to do here on Pohnpei and not enough missionaries to do it all. We have been praying for help and the Lord sent it.  Last Friday we got 3 new missionaries. This is exciting because it means we are opening up 2 new areas. We found a new apartment for one of the new sets of Elders and got a little house fixed up for a set of new Sisters, and the other Elder will be out in Uh with the District leader, Elder Pierson. So here is how it all breaks down.  We now have a new area called the Sekerra area, They are Elder Stewart (as the senior and training companion) and Elder Bourne (from New Zealand),  Then Elder Pierson (senior and trainer and district leader) and Elder Madill (from Aurora, Utah), They will be in the Uh area, then Sister Salaiau (Sr. and trainer) and Sister Varea (from Fiji, and yes, her little sister is also on Pohnpei serving in the Salpawlop area), they will be serving in the Kolinia, Sokehs, and Panasang area. What a great group of new missionaries. as we met them at the airport you could feel the great spirit they bring with them here. And when the 2 sisters Varea saw each other again and hugged each other, I can honestly say, I think all of us were crying with them. It was a sweet reunion for 2 sisters that have not seen each other for a while and what a great experience for them to both get to serve on Pohnpei.  The pictures don't do justice for the spirit that was at the airport on Friday and 3 more of God's army arrived here in Pohnpei.

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