Monday, March 12, 2012

FHE with Joseph,

Josephs Family

  Hello everyone, tonight ( it is still Monday night here, about 10:00 p.m.)  we went to FHE at a part member home.  Joseph is not a member of the church, but almost all of the rest of his family is. He holds FHE every monday with his family, he has a testimony of the gospel, but chooses not to act on it and be baptised. he is a good man, but likes to drink his Sakau to much.( some of you may know Sakau as Kava). the lesson was on the plan of salvation, and he said that it was just to hard to get to the celestial kingdom, you just had to give up to much. As I looked at his family, I thought of my own, and I thought that I am trying my very best to do everything I can, so that i can be with my family in the celestial kingdom, because that is the only kingdom where we can be with our families and my family is way to important to me, to miss out on eternity with all of you, because of some earthly thing. I have been thinking on the ride home from Josephs ( it is about an hour ride home) of the things, big and little, in our lives that may get in the way of a celestial eternity and I decided that I have a lot to work on. I love all of you and as I have said , when I get to heaven and we all have Sunday dinner, I want "no empty chairs" that includes my own. Each of us has a choice to make, whether we want to be with our families in celestial glory, or we don't. it really is that simple, If we want our families for eternity, than it is the celestial kingdom that will let us have that gift, so we choose if we do whatever it takes to be worthy of it. I hope I do everything I can, because I want all of us to be together again, not just for this earth life.  Lets all do our parts,  Celestial Eternity or Bust...........

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