Saturday, March 17, 2012

Relief Society Birthday Celebration

   March 17, 2012
     Today, we celebrated the birthday of the Relief Society. For the celebration, we all gathered at the church in Kolonia at 9:00 a.m. and the party started at 9:30, not bad for Pohnpein time. The whole district was invited, so all the sisters and young women from the whole island came. We started out with a 2 1/2 hour spiritual meeting, the district Relief Society Pres. spoke and all the branch Relief Society Pres. spoke and then Pres. Hemmon, our District Pres., spoke. It was wonderful( and I never thougth I would say that about a 2 1/2 hour meeting)
    After the talks, lunch was served, native food, it was good, (except this one thing, that I am not really sure what it was, but it was a little different) Then the dancing and skits began. Each branch presented native dancing, even the Sister Missionaries ( native for us was from America, see if you recognize the dance), and skits. It was wonderful.  then the sisters set up tables to show off there handmade talents, skirts, brooms, grass skirts, fish, native fruits, homemade baskets, everything they are so talented at making on the island. It was pretty amazing.
Sis. LeFevre, Sis. Kjar, Sis. Cimmeron (the kolonia Branch made us all matching skirts)

Cotton Eye Joe Dancers

Our Wonderful fellow Sister Missionaries

Lunch Kitti(Kitchi) branch

Lunch ( Some of Kolonia branch)

3 of the young women from Paliker ( Eli, Cynthia, Maicy)

Sis. Hadley and some of the sisters from the Sopolop Branch

Kolonia branch singing for there presentation,
notice all the skirts, they were made for almost all the sisters in the
branch, including the Sister Missionaries (something I will
treasure forever)

     My favorite part was just seeing all of these amazing women and girls from the different branches all over the island come together in one place, There spirits were inspiring. The pictures will not do justice to what we got to experience.

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