Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another new Assignment

     Elder LeFevre and I have been asked to fulfill another assignment.  We have been asked to start an Institute Program and organize and be in charge of a YSA program for the whole island. They have never had either one here on the island and a lot of young adults have and are falling away once they are out of Young Men and Young Women. Well anyone that knows us, knows this is something we love. We were just released from serving with the YSA just before we came on our mission and to have the opportunity to work with this amazing group of men and women again is a dream come true.
     When we filled out our papers to serve a mission, one of the questions ask was if we had our choice what would we like to do. We both answered that with saying we would do what ever the Lord wanted us to do, but we would also love to work with the YSA again. We could hardly believe it when we were ask to get a YSA program going on this island and to be in charge of it.
     As part of that assignment we were ask to check into getting an institute program going out at the College of Micronesia (COM), we were told that they were not sure if COM would even let us have one, but to check anyway. So Elder Lefevre and I went out to the College and met with one of the Vice Presidents assistants and presented our proposal. Now here is where you know that the Lord had a hand in this.  The women we met with use to live on the Island of Chuuk 17 years ago and her best friend was a Sr. Missionary women. She was not a member of the church, but had a very good opinion of the church because of this missionary that had crossed her path 17 years earlier. She said she would present it to the President and vice presidents and the board and let us know in about a week.  Just yesterday,(after only 4 days) we received an e-mail saying that the College would welcome our institute program and would even provide classrooms for us to use. So, if all goes well, we will go out next week to COM and pick a classroom and set it up and start the first ever Institute program at the College of Micronesia.
     the Lord loves these people so much, and cares for all His children, He is mindful of all of us and knows what and who we need, when we need it.  We are so grateful to help move His work forward. This really is His Work and His Glory, to bring to pass  the immortality and  eternal life of all His children. It is very humbling to see how He makes things work out for the good of all His children and even more humbling to feel how much He needs each of us to help the work go forward.  This mission never has been about us, it has and always will be about Him and all of our brothers and sisters on this earth. I am grateful to be here.

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  1. This is such great news. It is wonderful to know that the "Pioneering LeFevres" are doing such great work! We are excited for you. We love you.