Friday, March 30, 2012

Benjamin's Family

    Monday (March 26,2012)  we had the opportunity of visiting a family that use to be active in the church, but have not been to church for about a year.  It is the Benjamin Doras family.  They live high up in the Jungle, so the only way to get to there home was to hike in the jungle. so off we went, us, the Kjars, and the new sr. couple the Vincents (I think we killed them) and Margierita( one of the members that helped us to get to Benjamins house). It was about a 45 minute hike up some pretty rough terrain, right through the middle of the jungle. Several of us fell more then once, but we finally made it.  At the top, the family gave us freash coconuts to drink and we rested as we visited with the family.  Benjamin was the first branch pres. when the UH branch was created and he has been a member of the church for about 30 years.  He had become frustrated with some things at church, so he stopped coming, him and his wife and 8 children.  We had a good visit with him, and he seemed to feel better about things, so we will see if he comes back to church.
     We tried to help him understand that he and his family are really needed in the UH branch, because the UH branch is really struggling at this time. Hopefully he will feel the quite wisperings of the Holy Ghost and come back. He could be such a strength to the branch.   It has made me realize that every ward and branch out there really needs all the members, we all bring different strenghts and help one another. We all need to do our. job to help each other stay strong in the church and help those that have strayed come back. We all need each other
Drinking Coconut Juice after a long hike

Benjamin and his family

Sis. Vincent, Margeritta, Sis. LeFevre
the 3 Sr. Couples walking out of the Jungle

there really are vines like Tarzans in the Jungle ( who knew?)

Ahh, Ahh,Ahh,Ahh,Ahh

Our 2 Tarzans
        As we walked out, we had a little fun, Elder LeFevre and Elder Kjar decided to see if they really could swing on vines in the jungle like Tarzan.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this experience! I'm waiting for General Conference to start, and decided to get caught up on your posts I hadn't yet read. Your pictures are awesome, and I love reading about your experiences! If I can figure out a way to get Dean out of his calling, we would love to come join you!.....wouldn't that be a blast! Take care, and again, thanks so much for sharing. erika