Thursday, February 16, 2012


Scrubing the Cement to keep the mold off

The View from our back window

Murder Mystery Dinner (Elder Kjar aka Rick, Janice aka E C
Sam aka Cal)
Let me tell you about some really great people we have met and have dinner with every Sunday evening. The Call's, Jeremy, Kjirsti, and their 2 children, Janice, and Sam.  Kjirsti is a Doctor, who has put her practice on hold for a little while, she is raising her 2 sweet children and helping in the church and community, while her husband Jeremy works in the courts. (he is a lawyer)  Janice, also works in the courts (she is also a lawyer) and Sam also a lawyer.  They all work here, both for the government and in the different branches in the church.  All give so much to the branch they are in. We get to have dinner with them each Sunday with the Kjars.  Janice and Kjirsti organized a Murder Mystery dinner for us all. We had a great date night out. It was so much fun.And yes, Senior  Missionaries are suppose to have a date night each week.
Elder Kjar  aka  Rick
Sis. Kjar  aka  Pris

Sam  aka  Cal

Elder LeFevre  aka  Joe

Jeremy  aka Dell

Elders Dalmer and Cole  with some less active members they are teaching

Elder Dalmr in the library of the local Mand (Mont)
Elementry School.  Yes, that is the whole library

A new classroom

A local drinking water sourse

baby bird, just outside of where we live in a tree

Shirsti  aka  Dee      , Sis LeFevre  aka Penny

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