Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When it rains, it pours,(litterally and figuratively)

         Our wonderful other Sr. couple the Kjars, had a death in the family. Sweet Sis. Kjars father passed away, our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. They flew home to bury her father last Friday. they will be back tomorrow (Thursday Feb 23), while they have been gone a lot of things have happened. It all started Sunday morning. Our friend Janice, had to have an emergency. She had to have her appendices out and it all went south from there.  Our language teacher, Tony, his granddaughter got really sick and they had to run her to the state hospital. I got a phone call from his daughter, Michelle, asking me to please come to the emergency room quickly. Well i did not have a car, because all the men were at the District Priesthood Mtg. Then I remembered that Kjars car was here, so I borrowed it. I hope that was o.k.. Elder and Sis. kjar?, I spent the next 2 1/2 hours in the emergency room with Tony's family. It was pretty scary, she was having seizures and she was really sick, they finally got her stabilized and moved her to the pediatric ward, and when I say ward, I mean 14 beds per room and you have to bring your own bedding. There were a lot of other things, that were pretty scary about the hospital, but I don't dare write them at this time, maybe when I get home in 2 years, i will tell you about it. Then Elder Davis got sick again, with another kidney stone, Bro. and Sis. Davis if you are hearing this for the first time on my blog, I apologize, Elder Davis was suppose to call you. he is doing better, but may have to go to Guam to get the stone blasted with ultra sound. Between teaching seminary ( I already was in awe of the Kjars, but after teaching all the seminary classes, I am even more impressed, I don't know how they do all that they do), piano and taking care of the medical emergency's, we are exhausted.,but I can tell you that prayers have been answered.
     Through all this, many Priesthood blessings were given, many prayers offered and I know that the Lord loves and watches over us all. Janice is healing nicely, Little Leila (tony's granddaughter) is doing well and came home from the hospital and Elder Davis is doing really well. It will be good to get him better, because he is an amazing Missionary, that is why satan is working on him so hard.
    All our testimony's have been strenghened and the spirit is strong out here in Pohnpei. Thank You to all of you at Home, for all your prayers, the Lord really does bless His missionaries.

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