Friday, February 10, 2012

We're Back

We finally are back, at least for now.  So much has happened in the last 2 weeks, I hope I can remember it all.
     The Elders and Sisters are working like crazy teaching the gospel and we have had quit a few baptisms in the last 3 weeks.  As soon as the Elders and Sisters get me there pictures I will post them for you. We can't get to all the baptisms, so we have only got pictures from some of them.
     We have officially started Piano lessons and music lessons in 6 of the 8 branches. We have 8 keyboards that Elder and Sister Kjar and us take around to the 6 branches. in the Uh branch we have 6 students, In Mond (Mont) we have 4, in Kitti (Kitchi) we have 6 students, In Palikir we have 15 Students, (2 classes, 1 of adults that we do during seminary, and another one after seminary that is seminary students.) Then in Kolinia we are just getting started, and in Sekerra we have 8 students.  Because none of the students have keyboards or pianos at home, we made paper keyboards and glued them on poster board, so they would be a little more sturdy for them. They love them and they love the music. We are teaching a lot of adults, so hopefully when we leave in 2 years, they will be able to continue to teach the rising generation.
     While all of the paino lessons are going on Elder Lefevre is teaching an English class in one of the branches and in the other branches he is either helping out or going to do the GPS tracking, or teaching with the elders in that branch where we are at.
     Starting next week, we will go out early to the branch where we have lessons and go teaching with the Elders and Sisters to some of the less-active families. We are seeing success with this, most just want to be invited to come back. It has really brought home to me the importance of member missionary work, especially with the less active members.many times they just need to be reminded how much the branch or ward needs them.
     To help with our work with the less actives, we have given all the piano students an additional assignment to go with there piano assignments. The additional assignment is to go and find a less active member and invite them back to church. most were pretty excited about it, so we will see how they do.
     To all you parents out there of missionary's, I just want to tell you , You have amazing young men and women out here. The love they have for the gospel and this work inspires me, the love they have for the wonderful Pohnpien people would make you proud. They are doing a great job and we could not do our job without them. My hat in off to all you parents and I am honored to serve with your kids and to the Kjars children, You can be just has proud of your Mom and Dad, they are amazing missionaries, WE LOVE ALL OUR MISSIONARIES ON POHNPEI. They do great work for the Lord.
This is one of our local Centipedes, you do NOT want to get bit by one of these, extremely  Poisson's

How come whenever there is a bug, crab, lizard, etc. to be found, Elder Carlson is there?

I sure hope Elder Carlson's mom isn't looking at this.

Sis. Kennech, Sis. Salaiau, & Sis. Varia
With there soon to be baptised kids.

Preparation Day Flag Football Game

Some of the beautiful native plants we see everyday

One of my favorite landmarks ( just because of it's name)
Chicken ( @#$%^&*) Mountain
The legend says that a great big chicken flew over Pohnpei and pooped on the top
 of the mountain.
Tony, our Pohnpein language teacher

Liliann and Leila, our other 2 language teachers

Between the 3 of them and Tony's other 2 daughters, Janea and Michelle
We may eventually speak Pohnpein

We Love our Teachers !!!!!!!

Piano Lessons in Palikir
    Here are all the pictures we have been waiting to post, lets see how this new Internet works.

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  1. My experience is that the longer one lives here the more varieties of fungi one will have had the joy of experiencing. I have found that the anti-bacterial soaps are not fungicidal.

    I have been here since 1992. In 1996 I found I had to abandon stick antiperspirant products and switch to regular Ivory soap and coconut oil. It took a lot of convincing to get me to put oil on myself in a hot climate, but it works. From 1992 to 1996 I regularly battled athlete's foot and other fungal skin problems without much success. Since 1996 I have been fungi free.