Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oreo cookies and bugs

     Good to know that my children still have a great sense of humor.  About 2 weeks ago, we had an experience with some fig newton cookies we had bought here.  I was so excited to find Fig Newtons, that we bought a small package. Well of course as soon as we were in the car, we opened them and dug in. ( word to the wise, look before eating anything that is not in a can on Pohnpei) Well, Elder LeFevre ate the first one and enjoyed it and them I started to eat one, I had taken one bite, when I happened to glance down at the package and saw hundreds of small black bugs crawling through the cookies, I couldn't get my window down fast enough to spit them out and missed , so the bite that I had in my mouth landed on the inside of the car, Elder Lefevre was laughing so hard, I thought he was going to wreck us, and as soon as we found a garbage can We through the whole package out. then we cleaned up the car. I am not sure I will ever eat another Fig Newton again.
Bugs and Oreo Cookies
    Now I am sure you are all wondering what that has to do with Oreo cookies and bugs, well we received a package from our oldest son Ben and his family, actually it was mostly from Kammie and  2 of our sweet granddaughters, Sophia and Maggie, and tucked neatly inside was a sealed (or so I thought) package of double stuff Oreo's, well we put them in the freezer and were saving them for a special occasion, well just yesterday, some of the Elders stopped by our apartment to get some information, so we thought we would offer them some Oreo cookies, I got them out of the freezer and opened them up and about jumped right out of the room and dropped the package. There inside were 2 big plastic bugs, that looked very realistic. When the Elders and Elder LeFevre saw what it was they were having a great laugh, so did I when I realized they were fake.  So today I say Thank You to Kammie, Sophia, Maggie and of course Ben ( because I know deep down you had something to do with this) for giving us a bonus in our Oreo cookies, you made us all laugh. As soon as I get the camera I will post pictures.  P.S.  the cookies are great, they are almost gone.

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  1. Great one --- Thanks for the laugh. :) Elder Tiffany had a similar situation with his morning cereal. Now his cereal is in a plastic bottle. No bugs can get in. Love your stories guys! Keep up the good work.