Sunday, January 22, 2012

Teaching with the Elders

     We have had the opportunity to go with the Elders and teach some of the less active families. What a great blessing this has been for us. We have been able to bear our testimonies of the gospel, scriptures, prayer, prophets, the priesthood and of course our Savior Jesus Christ. We have felt the spirit in many homes.  One of the families, Oscars family, came back to church and have now come 3 weeks in a row. What a great family and the branch is so grateful to have them back.
     Lola is a widow, she is very young. She has 4 children and 1 grandchild, her children are Erin and her son,Ison, then Miranda is the 2nd oldest, then Ronda and then Luke.  Luke, Miranda, and Ronda have come to church, in fact Luke will be recieving the Aaronic Priesthood. He is 14. Hopefully they will all feel the spirit and have a desire to come back to church. The branch really needs them.
    We have worked with a couple of other families and now have several of our young missionaries setting up appointments for us to visit less active members in there branches.
Lola, Luke, Miranda and Isan

Miranda and Isan

Lola, Erin and friend


     We love this work.

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