Sunday, January 8, 2012

Busy Week

 It has been a very busy week. At the first of the week we helped with seminary and part of seminary was to learn how the locals prepare and use coconuts. We learned how to take the husk off the coconut, cut off the top( with a massete) so you can drink it. How to crack it open and how to shred the coconut for fresh coconut. Then we hiked to another waterfall/swimming hole and had a great time there.
 in the middle of the week we went with Elders Gasu and Davis  and brother Cimmeron to teach some families that are part member and less active. We went with Elder Gasu to teach a family that has not come to church for a while. Elder taught his first lesson all by himself in Pohnpein, and he did a great job. We weren't much help, except to bear our testimonies at the end ( in English because our Pohnpein isn't so good yet). Elder Gasu even challenged the teen age daughter to be baptized and she said yes. he was so excited and so were we. We will teach them again on Wednesday of this week. P.S. they came to church today. ( the family).
Elder Davis, Kolin, Klorenda, Naramy, Elder Gasu

The 3 we helped teach with Elders Davis and Gasu
Kolin, Klorenda, Naramy
We have been teaching and getting more organized and on Saturday we had our first experience of "traipsing" through the jungle to find a less active family and invite them back to church. It was great, we found them and had a nice visit and guess what????????? We invited them to come to church and they did. We were so excited to see them at the Paliker Branch.  then we had 6 baptisms to attend on Saturday evening. 3 of the 6 we have actually been helping teach in Nett (Netch). It was a great day.
     Today, Sunday,  we attended the Paliker Branch, after the meetings we met with one of the District Pres. and the Branch President of Paliker (Pres. Ungesol) and discussed our plans of teaching a book of Mormon reading class. they were so excited that we already have them scheduled for every Friday evening. They also want to have piano (keyboarding) lessons in there branch, so we are getting some keyboards ordered and setting up times to teach. it was pretty exciting. It has been a good week
     i will add pictures when I can, so keep checking the blog.

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