Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ponrociette on Christmas Eve

Sis. Kennech, Sis. Solio, Sis. Lefevre Christmas  Eve

Children at Ponrockiette

the Wonderful Sisters of Ponrockiette

Elder Hass and Elder Carlson with there crabs on Nalop Christmas Eve Day

Nalop Christmas Eve Day

Elder Lefevre  Nalop  Christmas Eve Day

Elder and Sis LeFevre  Nalop

Elder and Sis Kjar    Nalop

Sis. Salio and Sis. Kennech   Nalop

Nalop Wedding Chapel

Rain Barrell for catching the Rain water

Small Nos on Nalop

Our Boat ride to Nalop  Elders Pierson and Elder Stewart

Policemen directing traffic  

All our Zone on the boat ride to Nalop  Christmas Eve Day



Seminary   Kitti ( Kitchi)

Non madol  Elder & Sis Kjar,  Elder & Sis. Lefevre

District Activity  Non Madol

Our District  Non Madol

Our Church in Kitti 

Baptismal Font   Mont Church

Mont Church

Our whole 1st apartment

Christmas Party  Paliker Branch

Yum,, fresh coconuts

 We are in Guam for Couples Conference and I have a great internet, so I thought i would download all the pictures I have so far. Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you for your testimony and all your beautiful pictures!