Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone, the Pohnpeins really know how to bring in a new year. They do it for a whole week. All day long and all night long they have trucks that are loaded with people and steel drums and drive back and forth through town playing the drums, singing , yelling and honking the horn. It is really fun, but doesn't help when you are trying to sleep.
     We have been going with the Elders to some of the investigators. we have one lady we have been helping with, she is an amazing women, she has a testimony, and wants to be baptized, but she has a word of wisdom problem. They have a local drink that is made from leaves on the island, it is called Sokou and is more addictive than alcohol. They also have a local nut that is mixed with leaves from another tree, and makes a drug called Beetlenut. Both are very hard habits to kick and a lot of the people on the island have addictions to them. that is what she is struggling with, but she is trying hard to kick it. as of last Saturday, she had gone 6 whole days without either one. I need to check with Elders Davis and Gesu on how she is doing. We haven't seen her since Saturday.
      We also have been going with the Elders to teach a boy named Billy. Billy was baptized on Saturday. It was a great day.
Elder Gesu and Elder Davis, with Billy, Duene and 2 friends. Always smiling and working, thats our missionaries.
Elder  Cole and Elder Dalmer ( Branch president in  Mond (Mont)
Elder Loveless, Elder Haas, Elder Carlson, Elder Crapo
       I thought I would include some pictures of the amazing elders and sisters we are working with  on our little island. I know I am prejudice, but I think they are the best around.

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  1. happy new years to you guys too :)It looks like you had a great time !!