Friday, January 27, 2012

catching up after a busy week

     We have not had internet for several days, so I am going to try to catch up on the week.
     We had the opportunity to go and visit some less active families with the Sister Missionaries.  We went with Sister Salaiau and a member names Sis. Redeze. We went to 4 families. All have not been to church for a while and had many varied reasons for not going. Each family had different needs. The first family was struggleing  with many things and the sisters had been there to try to help them many times. As we talked, we were ask how we help each other, as husband and wife to stay strong in the gospel.  We shared our testimonies of ways we have helped each to stay strong and keep going to church, we talked about how at different times each of us struggles in different things, and when one of us is weak, the other one is strong and helps the weak one to be stronger.  The wife then told us that we had brought joy to there home that day, because they had both gotten weak, because they forgot to help each other. Hopefully, they will be to church Sunday.
     the 2nd family, was not home, but a relative was there and he agreed to let us tell him about the church a little.  It turns out he had met with the missionaries many years ago and then for some reason he had gotten lost and never finished the lessons.  He said he liked the feeling he had as he talked with us and he remembered that he had felt good when he had visited with the missionries before. He agreed to let the missionaries keep teaching him. the spirit was so strong and it was an amazing experience.
     the  3rd family was actually the brother to one of the branch presidents, his family had stopped going to church, because the church was so far away and they had no transportation.  We had a really good visit with them and then Elder LeFevre ask the 19 year old son if he would go to church, if Elder LeFevre could win in an arm wrestle, he said yes he would go to church if Elder LeFevre won. So Elder Lefevre had an arm wrestle with the 6 year old brother and of course he won, so we will see if the family goes to church tomorrow.
     the last family was struggling with word of wisdom problems so they thought they could not go to church. I shared a story about when my Dad smoked and didn't go to church and how hard it was for him to start going to church, but when he did he was able to find some strength and quit smoking. Hopefully it helped, and they will go to church.
    In all these situations, I learned that everyone of us has differnt things we struggle with, that sometimes keep us from doing what we know we should, We all need to help each other to stay strong, so we all get back home together.
Walking to the Baptism,  Pres.  Ledoro ( missing leg, on crutches) is the branch pres.

Elder Pierson and Wilson (man being baptized) walking down to the river

Wilson and his family, Elder Stewart and Elder Pierson

Getting ready for Baptism

newest member of the church in Pohnpei, Wilson

No words can explain the spirit, just look at there faces

Our River Baptismal font

Wilson's wife and family

leaving the baptism
     Next, today, Saturday, we went to our first baptism in a River. Elder Stewart and Elder Pierson had a baptism in the Uh branch and they do not have a baptismal font there, so they got permission to have the baptism in the river. The spirit was so strong and what a sweet experience it was. Here are some pictures.

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