Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our First Seminary Lesson

 We had the opportunity of teaching seiminary in Nett (Netch). What a sweet experience.  Elder and Sister Kjar had to leave for Guam a couple of days early so we got to teach the seminary.  We taught with Elder Davis and Elder Gasu.  They took the first half of the lesson on Judges ( We are studying the Old Testament in Seminary and Institute) and did a great job and then I got to teach Ruth. I love the book of Ruth, so it was a sweet experience to teach a story from the scriptures that I love so much.  Our Students in Nett are all ages, we have the regular teenagers (ages 12 - 18) and then a lot of the adults in the community come also. There comments when ask a question are so inspiring.  I loved teaching Ruth because one of the lessons we learn from Ruth is how important it is we take care of each other, and expecially the ageing and widows.  In Netts, these wonderful people live the book of Ruth everyday.  They are always watching out for each other and taking care of each other.  They also have all given up a lot to join the church, which is another lesson we learn from Ruth, so to see there eyes glisten with tears as we discussed how they take care of and watch over each other and as they shared some of the things they have given up to be members of this church was so inspiring for me.
     How much have each of us given up to be a member of this church and how much do we watch over and take care of one another? I find myself reevaluating myself each day and coming up short. There are so many ways I can and need to improve my life, so I am being more like the Savior. I love all that I keep learning about myself here on this Mission.
The walk to the Nett Church

coming to Seminary in Nett

The Noss, the church where the Nett (Netch) branch meets
Seminary in Nett  (yes, those are dirt floors and no glass in the windows)

Seminary in Nett

One of our Seminary Students

Clorinda, Neramy, and Clorinda's baby at Seminary

Sylvia and her daughter at Seminary  in Nett

Elder Davis with Sylvia and her Daughter 
     Hey and just in case you didn't know,  THE CHURCH IS TRUE !!!!!!

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