Wednesday, January 25, 2012

GPS Tracking in Mand (Mont)

     We have started to do what is called GPS tracking in all the branches on the island. What this entails is that we go to each member of the churches home with a GPS tracker and mark by longitude and latitude where they are on the earth. Then we turn in the coordinates to the mission, they in turn, send them to the church and it is put into the computer, so that the church knows where every member of the church is. This way they can see where the most people live and when it comes time to build new church buildings in the branch they try to build them by the biggest clusters of people.
     Now where this becomes a challenge is the list we are given with members names on them, have no addresses. You see there are no addresses in Pohnpei and probably 60 to 70 percent of the members live in the middle of the jungle. So we are having great fun finding people.
Elder LeFevre,  Elder Cole, Elder Dalmer  helping us with GPS tracking

GPS Tracking, members in Mand (Mont)

Growing Cabbages in Mand (Mont)

Pigs in Mand (Mont)

the Throne ( can you tell what it is under all the moss)

Three great girls in Mand

Laundry day ( This family is lucky, they actually have a washer)

     Today we went out in the Mand (mont) branch with Elder Dalmer and Elder Cole. They knew where a lot of the member were, so they were our guides. While we were going, we found that most of the people were part member families and were also less active. So we had a little visit with them while we were there and invited them to come back to church. We also invited the members of the families that were not members to let the missionaries teach them. A couple of them said yes they would take the lessons and almost all of the less actives said they would come to church. Now we will see if they really do. It would be great if they did, or at least some of them, because Mand is the weakest branch and it needs so much help. So we are cautiously optimistic that maybe some of them will keep there word and come back.

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