Sunday, January 22, 2012

District meeting and Mutual at Paliker Branch

Elder Stewart, Elder Pierson

Sister Varia, Sister Salaiau, Sister Kennach

 Elder Loveless, Elder Pierson( DL), Elder Stewart, Elder Cole, Elder Dalmer

Elder Crapo ( DL), Elder Loveless

Elder Dalmer,  Elder Haas, Elder Carlson, Sister Kennach, Sister Varia

Sister Varia, Sister Salaiau, Elder Kjar

Elder Gasu, Elder Davis

Elder Stewart , Elder Cole, Elder Dalmer, Elder Haas (ZL), Elder Carlson(ZL), Sister Kennach

Elder Crapo (DL), Elder Loveless, Elder Pierson (DL)

Elder and Sister Kjar

Sister LeFevre, Elder Gasu, Elder Davis

Elder and Sister LeFevre

     We had district meeting and both districts got to meet together, so I thought I would let you see our great missionaries in action.
Young Women of Palikir branxh

Young Women of Palikir Branch crocheting personal progress bags

young women and Marla(seminary teacher) Palikir Branch

Sister Ongesal ( young womens president) and young women of Palikir Branch
     We also had the opportunity of going to the Palikir Branch Mutual, Elder Lefevre went with the young men and I got to go with the Young Women. We Crocheted book bags for their personal progress books and scriptures.  It was great and I found that the language was not a barrier as I showed some of the girls how to crochet. It was great fun.

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