Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Starting a new a Unit

     About 5 weeks ago, the mission got all the approvals to start a new unit out in Rohi.
Now let me explain what that mean.
  Rohi, is part of the Kitti Branch, but because of the distance from the church and no transportation, the members and investigators can not get to church on Sunday. they could walk, but it is about a 3 hour walk each way and some of the investigators have leg and knee problems, so walking great distances is very difficult.
     So the Elders, Elder Lyman and Elder Peterson talked with Pres. Mecham about the possibility of creating a "Unit".  It took a while, but the approvals were finally given. Now the members and investigators meet in Rohi, under a little covered area off the Missionary house. It started very small, but just last week there were 30 people there.
   the spirit is so strong as members, who have not been able to go to Church for years can now go and investigators feel the spirit as they come to worship the Lord. We love going out to the Unit, and have great expectations, that one day it will be the Rohi Branch or Ward.
Waiting for Church to start

Walking with investigators, Elder Rice & Elder Tapua

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  1. is so interesting to get a feel for what things are like in another part of the world. Thank you so much for sharing all of your experiences with us. We love you!