Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Czvury Gallen leaves for his mission

    Another one of our Young Adults left for the mission field yesterday, Czvury Gallen left for the Guam, then onto the Provo MTC, and in a couple of months on to the Philippines San Pabla Mission. He will be a great missionary.
     He was suppose to fly out about 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, but because a tidal wave had hit the runway on Marjoro Marshall Islands, the Plane ended up being stuck, so instead he flew out last night about 11:00 p.m. when the rescue plane arrived.

     A Huge Thank You to Sis Janice Smith and her Mom, Brother and family back home in Utah and the missionaries who helped him by having him go out teaching with them.
If it weren't for them, Czvury probably would not be going on a mission.
Janice helped him get all his paperwork done, Dr.'s appt.s, dentist appt.s, everything, including what clothes we could find here.
Janice's Mom and Brother
will meet Czvury at the Salt Lake
Airport and take care of getting
the rest of what he needs, including
taking him to the Temple and then
delivering him to the Provo MTC.
  What a great family and missionaries, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Uncle Patterson(standing) and branch members,came to see him off.

Kenio, Elder LeFevre, & Nelsiano

Uncle Patterson & Kenio ( Kenio is waiting for a mission call0


Mom, Dad & brother watch

Elder Gallen, excited to leave for his mission

The Whole Gallen family

Uncle Patterson & Czvury

Janice & Elder Gallen

One last wave and he's gone,  see you in 2 years

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