Sunday, June 16, 2013

Institute Activity

We had a great Institute Activity on Saturday.  It was game day. We played the Story game, Dodge ball (which was a hit, they had never played it) Crab Soccer ( another hit, never been played before) and Stinky Sardines ( the favorite, never been played before) after we ate Ice Cream, with chocolaty syrup, and donuts. It was a fun day.
The Story Game, each person adds a segment to a story,
great warmer upper, while waiting for everyone
to come.

Let Dodge ball begin

Crab Soccer next

And then a nice game of Stinky Sardines,
and after dodge ball and crab soccer,
boy where these guys STINKY

Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone where Sandra is hiding

Then Ice Cream Sundaes

and a little frog

Our Frog mascot

Then a quick fun game for the Pohnpei Young Adult  Facebook  page,
for all those who could not come, "Who's Feet are these?"

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