Sunday, June 9, 2013

1 Wedding, 7 Baptisms

    We had another busy week, besides starting our summer Institute Classes, which are Temple Preparation/Missionary Preparation Classes, doing Firesides in each branch, taking care of sick missionaries ( don't worry Moms and Dads, they are all better now), we fit in a Wedding and 7 Baptisms and we delivered 2 more mission calls, watch for that Post, they haven't opened them yet.

Rockson & Maria, getting Married

Rockson's father watches

Elder Leeworthy, Maria, Rockson, Elder Lyman

Feeding each other cake, a new tradition, they loved it

Maria, really liked mashing the cake in Rockson's face, everyone laughed
including Rockson

A new toy to keep the kids entertained

Rockson, now ready for baptism, Maria will be in a few weeks

A happy Elder Peterson, he got to come back and baptize Rockson

Elder Peterson, Rockson, Elder Lyman

All the men in white, except Elder LeFevre & Elder Vincent
Elder Peterson, Elder Bunn, Elder Lyman, Rockson, Elder Leeworthy,
Elder Tapua, & Elder Rice

Rockson & Elder Peterson

The Elders sang for the Baptism

Then on to Mand, Elder Kruger, Elder Ashcraft,            & Weider

Some of the Mand young adults attended the baptism

It's good to finally get wet

Then on to Sapwalap for even more baptism.
Leeroy baptized Jeannette

Sisters Vave & Fatongia, with all 3 baptismal candidates

 We also had 2 baptisms in Sokehs, but we could not be in two places at once, so we missed the 2 in Sokehs

Congratulations to all, The Heavens were smiling on Pohnpei today.

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