Sunday, June 2, 2013

2 missionaries leave, and 4 more receive their calls

    2 of our wonderful young adults left for their service in the mission field.
Melvin Joseph and Merleen Saimon.
  We have had so much fun with them from filling out papers, going to Dr.s and Dentist, getting visa applications filled out, getting clothes ready , just about everything to be ready for this day.
  Family and friends gathered at the Airport to say their goodbyes, tears all around.
 We enjoyed watching, taking pictures, getting in that last hug and saying goodbye, until we meet again.
It is a little bitter sweet for us, when all of these amazing missionaries return we will not be here, and we will probably never see them again in this life.
  I am very grateful for Facebook, we will at least be able to keep in touch that way.
 They all will be great missionaries
Sis. Saimon,  bound for the Australia Melbourne Mission

Me, Mama Saimon, Sis. Saimon, Sis. Fatongia

It just wouldn't be a post without goofy Elders
Elders, Hanson, Barrus, Bourne, & Madill, all trying
on glasses donated to the mission, they are going to let people
Try them on and see if they can find some that will work.

Mama Saimon, Sis. Saimon, Mama Kalio

Elder Joseph, bound for Philippines Quezon City North Mission, Elder Joseph
is the only member of the church in his family.

Brandon Saimon and Mama Saimon

Elder Joseph & Sister Saimon, last time he can put his arm around a girl for 2 years

And guess what was found in our car?   Yep, Layven found his
mission call, but no opening it until he was home with all his family

One last hug for Mama

And before and after the Airport, we were there to see 4 more mission calls opened.

I don't care how many times you see it, IT NEVER GETS OLD.
The excitement, the anticipation and then the tears of joy, as they each learn where the Lord would have them serve.

Jacob Kalio, he was so excited, all he could do was  smile and jump up and down

Layven and sister Nayleen, she just returned from the South Dakota Mission

Leeroy and dad

Jacob got to go first,   The Marshall Islands Mission

All 3 wait to open their calls, the suspense was killing all of us
Final answer after all the guesses, Jacob (cousin to Layven and Leeroy),
The Marshall Islands Mission, Leeroy  -  Australia Melbourne Mission,
Layven  -  Australia Perth Mission

 Just a side note, Sis Kalio ( Mama) was the very first missionary to ever go on
a mission from Pohnpei, now she will most likely have 4 of her own children out
all at the same time, and a nephew, Jacob. I think she started
an amazing legacy of missionary work many years ago.

and off on the other side of the Island, Czvury Gallen opened his call...............................

an excited family, the very first Gallen to ever serve a mission

Mom watches

A very happy Gallen family. Czvury is going to the
Philippines San Pablo Mission

I can honestly say, I love everything we are doing out here, but I really think my favorite is the Mission calls. Most of these young adults, never thought they would ever have the opportunity to serve a mission, so to see so many, in fact the majority, are the very first missionaries in their families.
They are starting a legacy that will bless generations all over the world.
"Shall we not go on in so great a cause"

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