Sunday, June 23, 2013

Picture Catch up time................................

Rockson & Elder Vause

Elder Tapua, Rockson & Elder Vause,
Rockson has been helping the missinoaries a lot in Rohi

 Zone Meeting after Transfers

Transfering Elders things to new area's

Elder Hanson & Elder Barrus, trying to get cleaned up
before going into the house

Wow, is the rain water cold

Our road turned into a river very quickly

Everyone's favorite guy on the Island, Luther
He stands in the middle of the road and points his
finger at everyone, trying to get them to give him a
Cigarette, we only give him rolls.

Nett Baptism, 

Pres. Malarma, pres. of Nett Branch

Even the dogs come to the baptisms

A new toy, made from Banana leaves

Don't ask

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