Saturday, April 20, 2013

Peter's baptism

     Several months ago, our mission Pres. felt impressed to open up a new area on our Island. The area is called Roih, it is in Kitti, but at the farthest end. Well Elder Lyman & Elder Peterson have been working there for several months, with not much success, but in the last month, they found a man named Peter, we have had the blessing of going out to FHE with them for several weeks. and  every week, more and more people have come.
    Well Peter was baptized last Wednesday, and his whole family came and now even more of his family members want to be baptized. It was a sweet experience and was only made possible because of 2 amazing missionaries who were obedient with exactness, so they were blessed with miracles.
   We have been blessed to be a part of this, and both Elder LeFevre and I felt that this new area will be a large branch in the not to distant future. The spirit is being poured out upon our Island and especially to the Elders and Sisters that are working so hard to labor for the Lord.

2 of our beautiful little friends

The family starts to gather

The prize rooster

Peter's brothers

Peter and Elder Lyman

Elder Peterson, Peter & Elder Lyman

Elder Peterson & Peter

2 old missionaries and Peter

The family gathers and waits to start

Us, with Peter and his wife, Carly

Carly & Peter

1 happy missionary, Elder Lyman

another happy missionary, Elder Peterson

The whole family

walking to the "Font"

The trail to the "font"

Our "Font"

What a happy moment, right after the baptism

One last picture of the font and Elder Peterson

A nice, refreshing Oop ( coconut)

Here's to a great day for Roih, and especially for the Lord

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