Saturday, April 27, 2013

1st ( and hopefully annual) YSA Dance Festival

      We decided to have a Dance Festival with our YSA, it is the first time that has ever been done out here. So 2 months ago, we told all the branches that we were going to do this in April. There were a couple of rules.
1.  Only YSA could dance
2. If you did not have enough active YSA, you had to go out and find the less active YSA or/and invite your non-member friends to be on your dance team.
3.  Each Branch had to do 2 dances:
     One Traditional Island Dance
     and the other one could be anything you wanted.
4. Everyone had to have fun

  Well for the last 2 months they have all been practicing, and today was our Dance Festival.
  It was amazing, we loved it and guess what. This evening, we have a baptism, a young man, that danced with the Sapwalap group. Simon
    There are all kinds of ways to introduce people to the Gospel and the Church, and it is amazing what happens when you listen to the promptings of the Lord, how things just seem to fall together.
Layven & Merleen got in the spirit of it and ordered shirts

We started off with a "traditional "dance from the island of America
"The Twist"

UH Branch

Nett Branch

Kolonia Branch, Kilino, Kendrick, Monard

Another "Traditional" Dance from the Island of America
The Bunny Hop. Elder & Sister Kjar

Kolonia Branch, the girls this time
Joni, Demi, & Tasha

Sapwalap Branch

Mand Branch, Jessica, Lolain, & Michelle

Nett, Men only

All this and we didn't even have
to go the the Polynesian Cultural Center. They were all amazing!!!!!!!!!

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