Saturday, April 6, 2013

Elder LeFevre's health issues......WARNING, SOME IMAGES MAY BE GRAPHIC ( In Grown toe Nail)

       Elder LeFevre has had a rough couple of months, it all started about 6 months ago, with a simple In Grown Toenail. After putting up with it for 3 months, he decided to operate on himself. ( Do Not Try This at Home), from there things went down hill. Infection set in. Then 2 weeks ago, we were out working with the Elders in Roih (Elder Lyman and Elder Peterson) and some kind of bug decided it really liked Elder LeFevre. Then 2 weeks later, Yesterday to be exact, He finally got to have the In Grown toenail removed by a professional.  We LOVE Dr. Tan. Today, He woke up with a sore throat and bad cold.
    Well The toe is fixed, we hope, He is on Anti- biotic's for the toe and bites and sore throat, and hopefully will be on the mend in a few days.
    So we decided he had to document his toe, bug bite journey
Toe in January, after Self surgery

Infection set in

Bug attack

Getting ready for surgery

We love our nurses

I think she looks a little too excited to give that shot

No, Elder Lefevre did not have an accident, the ceiling was leaking

deadening the Toe

2 in-grown toe nails later

Final touches

Dr. Tan, he's the man

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