Friday, April 26, 2013

More Young Adults getting ready for missions and Misc. Pictures

     We are having more and more of our Young Adults that are getting ready for missions, in all of Pohnpei's history with the Church there have never been this many Missionaries from the Island. It is amazing to see so many putting aside there fears and putting their trust and faith in the Lord and leaving there beautiful Island home, which most have never left before, and going wherever the Lord wants them. And the faith of them and their families as they sacrifice so much, just to send their son or daughters on missions.
    I know they will be so blessed for the great sacrifice they are making.
Roger Paulis, leaves this coming Saturday for his mission,
First suit he has ever owned, generously donated from
Elder & Sister Eakins, serving on Chuuk, There ward
back home sent some gently used suits and shirts
and ties for missionaries from these Islands to use on
their missions

Jayleen Yago, just finished her medical and dental,
she will have a Skype interview with Pres. Mecham
and then her papers will go in.

Sam "Superman" Hadley, just finished his dental, He will also have a Skype
interview with Pres. Mecham and then his papers will go in

They have some great example's in the missionaries
serving on Pohnpei,  Jungle District Meeting,
Elder Afualo, Elder Bunn, Elder Gardner

Sis. Varea & Elder Afualo

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