Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Castor baptizes his daughter and Nayleen Kalio gets home from her mission

 Castor Route baptized his daughter, Castor, if you remember, had to have heart surgery in the Philippines about a month ago. He has only been a member of the church for about 1 year, well he had the opportunity to baptize his daughter. He was very nervous and happy also. It was a sweet night.
Castor and his daughter

giving the Elders a ride home after the baptism,
They had 2 girls baptized also, but we could not get any pictures

Nayleen Kalio came home from her mission. She has been serving in the South Dakota Mission. She is part of the Kalio family that has 5 more ready to turn in paperwork for mission calls. Her father is the new district Pres. 
   They are an amazing family, and we are so blessed to know them. they have changed our lives.
Waiting for the Plane to arrive

Dad and Nayleen's sisters Father in Law

Brothers and family wait

There she is, Welcome Home

Everyone is so excited to see her

Dad and daughter say hello after 18 months apart

Little brothers too.

It is good to be Home

Mom and daughter reunited

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