Thursday, April 18, 2013

Julia & Puis get baptized

It finally happened, Julia & Puis got baptized.   They have been listening to the lessons for many months, we have been able to be a part of that. I would like to share their story.
      About 6 months ago, the Elders in Nett ask us to come and help teach a family, the only information we had was that the missionaries were not sure how to help them, because they were having marriage .problems. So we went, and there we met Julia & Puis for the first time. Over the next 6 months we were over to there house regularly. After 5 months, we finally got them to get married, it was great.
   After that, they seemed to be at a stand still, so Elder Cook & Elder Holt, ask us to come again, because they were going to drop them, because they were not progressing. When we got there, we ask if they had been reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. They said they really had not. So we talked to them about the fact that if they really wanted an answer they were going to have to put in some effort themselves. And we ask them to please pray and read the Book of Mormon. Once again they promised they would and we told them we would be back next week to check on them.
   We went back the following week, fully expecting that they had not read or prayed, but there was a different feeling as we went in the house. We knew they had done something different. We ask them if they had read and prayed and to our great surprise, they had and not only had they read and prayed, they had gotten an answer and wanted to be baptized.
   Over the next month, while we were helping them get ready, a relative of theirs, Wallace got baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Julia was able to  attend and was really touched by the spirit.
    After Wallace was confirmed, Julia turned to me and said," I feel like I want to cry, what is this feeling"  I told her that it was the Holy Ghost witnessing to her that was she was seeing and feeling was from God and that it was truth. She turned to me and said" I want that". So I explained to her that when she was baptized she too would receive the Holy Ghost. She wanted to get baptized right away.
  So now we needed to help Puis with a Word of Wisdom problem. anyway, long story short, Julia and Puis were baptized last Saturday Night and both received the Gift of the Holy ghost on Sunday. Julia ask Elder LeFevre to baptize her and Puis ask Elder LeFevre to confirm him.
  In just a few weeks, Puis will move to Colorado to work, Julia and the children will follow in a few months. We told them in 1 year, we will go with them to the Temple.  It has been an amazing journey
This Gospel is true, just in case you didn't know.........................
Julia & Puis, they wanted their picture taken by John baptizing Christ

Their beautiful little family

Puis, Pres. Malarma, Julia

We're doing this together

This is so exciting

The whole family, even us missionaries,
they consider us family, and we all feel
the same

Elder Cook, Julia, Puis, Elder LeFevre

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