Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Power of the Sealing Power

    We lost 2 dear friends this week. Kent & Shirley Bass. They had been together 50 years, were married civilly and later were sealed in the Temple. All their children were sealed to them. They lived the Gospel to the fullest. Shirley use to send me comments on the blog and say how much she and Kent had always wanted to go on a Mission, but because of health reasons they could not. They finally got their mission call, they are assigned to labor in the spirit world. They died 21 hours apart. Shirley always said that if Kent went first, he better turn right around and come back and get her because she was not going to be here without him.  He did.
    We shared their story with the Epina family at FHE,this week. This is Marleen's (the missionary)family. Her father died while she was in the MTC and her mother and family have been hearing the missionary lessons. Monday night Elder LeFevre & I taught a lesson on Temples and the Sealing Power. We taught them that even though Noah(Bro. Epina) had died, they could still be sealed as husband and wife and their children could still be sealed to them. The spirit was strong as we shared Kent & Shirleys story with them and testified of the truthfulness of the Gospel and Temples. They had a lot of questions, we answered them. by the time we were ready to end the lesson, we had over 40 family members there, the majority  of which are investigating the church, except for Marleen's 2 brothers Patterson & Jack. They are already members.
   I think, Kent & Shirley are probably teaching Noah right now. I think they probably were smiling as we talked about them to this family, and knowing them they probably were saying "Oh now Melanie(Sis. LeFevre), we are not anything special." But they are, they have always been a great example to us, of how husbands and wives should love one another, and take care of one another. Thank You, Kent & Shirley and your amazing family.
   I know this Gospel is True, I know the Temple is the House of God and it is there, and only there, That the Priesthood authority can seal families forever. Our relationships with our families does not have to end with this earth life, It can carry on in the Eternities, if we all do our part, but only if we have had the Sealing Ordinance ourselves. I know Heaven will not be Heaven without my family and especially without  my Alan(Elder LeFevre).

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