Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ricard & Rosena's Wedding

Waiting for the Groom
Pres. Malarma, Elder Cook, Romeo & family, and the bride,Rosena (in whilte dress)
     Elder Cook & Elder Holt have been teaching several families, but one of the problems is they need to get married before they can get baptized. We have been helping them teach about eternal marriage and the importance of marriage. Well tonight one of them got married. Elder Cook & Elder Holt even made a cake. Elder LeFevre and Elder Holt were the witness and Elder Cook helped Pres. Malarma do the ceremony. It was great and now they can .get baptized

Maianne & I, just waiting to start

I think we are ready Pres. Malarma with Elder Cook helping him
Ricard & Rosena

Elder Cook, making sure he know the ceremony,
so he can help Pres. Malarma

Daughters & family wait

The Cake

Ricard & Rosena Primo

Feeding each other cake

They have never seen this before, they thought it was a fun tradition

Top Row:  Elder Holt, Elder leFevre( the 2 witness's),Romeo(Brides brother)
Elder Cook
Bottom row:   Pres. Malarma, Rosena, Ricard and their youngest

Romeo, Rosena's  brother

Daughter & friends

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