Sunday, January 20, 2013

Merleen's Mission Call finally comes

      So back in November, we had 3 young ladies send in mision applications.  2 of them recieved their mission calls about 1 month ago, Irene & Meagen. We waited and waited, and finally sent off an e-mail to see if anyone in Guam had heard anything about Merleens mission application and low and behold, it was sitting on a desk in Japan and had somehow never been sent on to Salt Lake. Well, Japan sent it and we finally reiceved it last Thursday.
      As soon as we got it, we hopped in the car and drove out to UH to give it to Merleen and here are the pictures of her opening her call.
      Sister Merleen Seimen, called to serve in the Melbourne Australia Mission.
      Sister Lyman, those close are going to come in handy. Merleen is from the UH Branch and Elder Lyman knows her very well. Thank You.
The Call

Mom & Merleen

Opening the call

Just a little peek
Reading her call

Discovery, Melbourne Australia, the same mission as her friend,
Marleen Epina, who is already serving and also
from the UH Branch

Mom, Merleen, Elder Bunn, & Elder Madil

Us with Merleen

A quiet moment

Merleen & her Sister

Mom, Merleen & I
      Thank You to Janice Smith, who is loaning us her camera, until we get a new one.

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