Thursday, January 10, 2013

Senoir Missionary Conference in Guam

We have been in Guam for the last week, we have been at Sr. Missionary Conference. We flew to Guam last Saturday ( Jan 5) and spent the week, learning how to be better missionaries. It was inspiring. As I get pictures from other Sr. Couples that were there, I will post them. Our camera stopped working. We are going to order a new one on Amazon, because, even though it is still under warranty  there is no where to get it fixed, and we don't want to stop letting all of you know what is going on here on Pohnpei.
      We were able to snag a few pictures of a happy reunion with our Elder Vance, who was transferred to Guam several months ago. He is doing well and has had several baptisms, including one tonight, I wish we could have stayed one more day, so we could have attended. Dad & Mom Vance, you can be proud of the fine missionary son you have.  There are no coincidences  we had gone to do some shopping on Monday, and we were waiting for Elder & Sisters Eakins, while they were at the Dr.'s, and in came Elder Vance and Elder Kata. I about fell over, trying to run and catch them, before they went into the store to do their grocery shopping. We had a great visit.
     We learned a lot of new ideas that will help us to be better at doing all the assignments we have. The spirit taught us the things we need to change, so we can be worthy to have him with us all the time and be more effective missionaries.
    We love this work, we love our fellow missionaries, we love our mission president and his wife, Pres. & Sister Mecham. They are inspired and know exactly what to say to motivate us to do better. We all can do better with whatever callings, or assignments we have, we all can be better "member" missionaries. You are vital to the work. Keep telling others about this wonderful Gospel and how much you love it. Keep living your testimony. May the Lord bless us ALL in this work.
Elder Vance, with us, we happened to be in the right place
at the right time. I don't believe in coincidence.

Mom and Dad Vance, you should be proud of your awesome missionary son,
we miss him on Pohnpei.

Elder Kata and Elder Vance

Happy to be serving the Lord
    Reread Jacob 5, in the Book of Mormon, and learn your part in teaching in the vineyard for this last time.

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