Sunday, January 20, 2013

YSA Activity, Talent Show

Saturday, January 19,2013

     On Saturday we had a Talent Show with our Institute and YSA. WOW, these young adults are amazing. I know I have said they are amazing before, but WOW.  We have been telling our young adults/ institute students to get their talents ready for our Talent Show. They have had 2 months and boy, did they come through. 7 of the 8 branches on the Island came through with talents. Some were individual talents, and some were group. We had Singing, Dancing, Skits, and more. We had over 75 in attendance and about 20 of them were non-members. Several of the branches did not have enough young adults to do what they wanted to do, so they went and got their less active and non members friends to join in. It was a great day and a great fellow shipping activity. 
Kenio Joel

Margerita likes Ice Cream

Ice Cream and watching Volleyball


Sam Hadley & Irene Ungesel

I get the rest, Patrick

Volleyball and eating Ice cream at the same time,
boy are these guys multi talented

Wilson & Margarita

The Kitti Branch

The UH Branch

The Mand Branch

The Sapwalap Branch

The Palikir Branch

The Nett Branch,  Wilson Rodriguez

Elder & Sister Kjar
Kolonia  - Joni Yakana

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