Friday, October 4, 2013

Zone Conference, Our last

  We had a great Zone Conference this last week, with all the missionaries and Pres. & Sis Mecham. We are always go grateful when they come, they always bring an amazing spirit with them and we learn so much.
 We have had some struggles through out the Island for a couple of months, Satan is doing double duty trying to stop the work, but we all keep pressing forward and Zone conference lifted our spirits and gave us all the boost we need to push even harder.
  By the way, any of you parents & friends of the missionaries here, if you can, ALL of our young Elders and Sisters could use some extra letters of encouragement and love right now, and if you have the time, a package would go a LOOOOOONG way right now to your sons and daughters, and maybe a little extra something for their companions. ( we have many missionaries here who's families have no way or means to send packages or letters, if your son or daughter has one of those companions, maybe a letter to their companion or a little something in a package for the companion, would also help their companion, who is very homesick with no news from home)
   You are their life line and at times when things are hard out here, the letters you send lift them so much. They love you and are working hard for their Heavenly Father. You can be "Well Pleased" with each of them.
   This was our last Zone Conference, we were suppose to leave Nov. 1, but we extended so we could finish out Institute.  We love this work, we love your missionaries, they have been our teachers. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Elder Hanson & Elder Leeworthy

Elder LeFevre, Sis Havea, Sis Ioane, Sis Komra, Sis Beutler

Sis Roberts, Sis Orrocks, Sis Fatongia, Sis Ma'a,  Elder Nanson

Elder Hanson & Elder Leeworthy do a roll play with Pres. Mecham

Sis Fatongia, Sis Komra, Elder Matalolo, Elder Holt, Elder Hanson, Elder Ashcraft,
& Elder Bourne

Sis Beutler, Elder Cook, Elder Gardner, Elder Kim, Elder Vause, Elder Afualo, Sis. Orrocks

Sis Ma'a, Sis Ioane, Elder Nanson, Elder Tupua, Elder Madill, Elder Bunn, Elder Barrus

Sis Havea, Sis Roberts, Elder Leeworthy, Elder Johnson, Elder Lyman,
Elder Rice, & Elder Peterson

I love this shot, we love Pres. & Sis Mecham

Sis Fatongia

Elder Barrus, Elder Lyman, Elder Hanson

Elders Johnson, Ashcraft, Gardner, Vause, & Madill

Elder Holt running though the picture

Elders Johnson, Gardner, Kim, Vause, Madill, Ashchraft
Rice, & Holt

Elder Tupua

Elder Hanson

Elders Peterson & Tupua

Sis Roberts, Sis Mecham Sis Komra

Sis Havea

Sis Roberts, Pres. Mecham, Sis Orrocks

Sis Havea & Sis Mecham

Sis Mecham & Sis Komra

Sisters Komra, Orrocks, Mecham & Roberts

Sis. Orrocks, Elder Leeworthy, Elder Peterson, Elder Kim, Elder Tupua, Sis. Roberts

Sis Beutler, sliding down the rail

Elder LeFevre & Elder Gardner

Sisters Komra, Beutler, Orrocks, Roberts

Sisters, Komra, Beutler, Orrocks, Roberts

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