Friday, October 4, 2013

More Missionaries getting ready to leave

   A BIG THANK YOU  to all the wonderful parents of missionaries, friends of ours, and family members who have donated clothing for all the missionaries leaving the Island.  If you could see the looks on their faces when they see the selection they get to choose from, it would make you cry.
    So far we have had enough clothes donated to outfit ALL the sister missionaries, with ALL their clothing, that includes several that are in the paperwork stages, that we hope to get finished up before we go home.
     Also, ALL the Elders have left with 7 to 8 shirts, a suit, socks, belts, shoes, and some with an extra pair of pants.  That includes the one's that are leaving in the next few weeks and the one leaving after we go home.
    What a blessing you have been to these wonderful Pohnpein missionaries. They would have gone empty handed if it were not for your generosity.
    At a time when most of the world is only thinking "Whats in it for me" you have opened your hearts and wallets, to help the people that your son's and daughters and we have come to love.
May the Lord bless you for your goodness.
Tasha Ramon, trying clothes, she is in the
paperwork stage

Tasha & Demi, Demi left today for her mission

Jayleen Yago Alden, leaves the first week in November

Leevaughn Kalio, left on Tuesday for Guam to finish some paperwork
for his visa

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