Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Janice leaves Pohnpei

  After 2 1/2 years of being on Pohnpei, our friend Janice Smith went home.
  Janice has worked as a lawyer for the state courts for the last 2 1/2 years, and has served the people of Pohnpei selflessly.  Along with working full time, she also took good care of the missionaries, (Sr, couples included), fed the missionaries, went out teaching with the missionaries, gave rides to the missionaries. You name it, she did it to further the work of the Lord.
  She also served in the Young Women in the Kolonia Branch, and for the last year has served as the Young W omens President. She loved and nurtured, and sometimes had to get after, the young women in the Kolonia branch.  She will be greatly missed.
  When we had the Stake Patriarch from Guam come, Janice typed endlessly for 3 days, trying to get as many of the blessings typed as possible. She did all this with a back that had been hurting her for several weeks.
   Janice was a friend to everyone, she served so many families here, she personally helped one of the young men go on a mission, by helping him fill out papers, getting his Physical and Dental done. Helping with clothing and luggage and she had her family pick him up in Salt Lake, when he arrived, and they took care of him overnight and then took him to the MTC.
  Janice taught all of us many things, we will all miss her happy smiling face. Her helping hand, and her service attitude.
   Hope she is enjoying time with her family, and if anyone needs a good lawyer, she is looking for a job.
  and, she will kill me for saying this, but, all you single men out there. She is available, and you would be getting a great amazing wife.
Janice, Kari, & me

Janice with Elder LeFevre & I

Janice with her Judge and another fellow worker at the courts

Janice with the Gallon, it was their son that she helped to go on a mission

Bro. Yakana and Elder LeFevre, came to say goodbye

Elder LeFevre and June, came to say goodbye

Many of the Palikir Branch came to say goodbye

Janice with Elder & Sister Chandler

Sis Yakana & Sis Hadley


Pres. & Sis Ongesil, they came to say goodbye and
to leave also, they had to go the the Philippines for
a few weeks for some medical treatment

Janice & Missy

A final wave

And goodbye for now, Enjoy your family

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