Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Steven LaDore's BIG adventure

   So Steven left on his mission. let me tell you about Steven. He is an amazing young man, that has not had very many chances in this world.  He only has a 2nd grade education, He has been living with his branch pres. for that last year, his father died 3 weeks ago and for some reason, no one picked him up at the airport in Guam when he flew in for his mission.
   He was suppose to be picked up in Guam and taken to Pres. Mecham to be set apart, for some reason this did not happen, wires got crossed, so off Steven went on a BIG adventure.  Now to some you may not think it is a big deal, but let me tell you a little more about Steven.  He does not speak or understand much English, he has never left the Island before, so he has never flown, been in an airport, etc.
   We knew this so we were prepared. We had made him a note to give to the workers in the airports, so they could read it and get him to his gates, so he would not miss his flight.  Well, that is exactly what wonderful Steven did.  When no one came to get him, he got in a line, showed his note to the airline worker, they read it and got him through security, and to the right gate. then he repeated this procedure in Japan, and Portland, right on until he reached Salt Lake. Where he was picked up by a wonderful returned missionary and taken care of. Thank You to Elder Kent, he picked up Steven, took him to dinner, took him home to his house to sleep, and then got him to the MTC Tuesday morning.
    By the time he got to Salt Lake, we all breathed a sigh of relief to know he had made it, all by himself. Elder Kent, let Steven send us a message, because he knew we were all worried, to quote Steven " I am good and strong now, happy to be on my mission"
   What a great young man, he will be an AWESOME missionary.
2 missionary "Mom's" make sure he gets the suit right

It takes a branch to get him ready

this is the BEST job ever

Time to load the truck to get him to the airport

I think most of the branch showed up at midnight to see him off

Steven and all the people that love him

Steven and his Mom, she will miss him a lot

Elder Madill helped to translate instructions to Steven on how to maneuver
airports, airplanes, etc. 

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