Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Catch up Pictures

Leevaughn leaves unexpectedly, 4 days early to Guam,
had some VISA work to do

One last hug for big sis, glad they got to have 6 months together before he left.
Nayleen got home from her mission last April

Pres, Davis, helping lighten up the moment when you have
to go through those doors
Than Wilson, unexpectedly gets to go to the Philippines for a Physical
for his Canada Visa

I think he is going to have some fun

Mom, he will be back in 4 days

I think he is going to enjoy this little trip

Finally, Layven gets to go. Layven is the oldest brother
of the Kalio brothers, and both his little brothers
left before him, I finally figured out why.
Layven has always been the one to make sure
the twins, Leeroy & Leevaughn, were on there
way, it was no different with their missions.
Layven left last, he had to make sure the twins were on their way.

Demi is off also, what a great young lady, she will be a great missionary

What's this?  Elder Madill
Both Layven and Demi got to fly to Guam with the Zone leaders and Sis Fatongia,
they were going to Guam for Zone leader counsil.

One last hug with the best friends, and she is off

Then we passed this old school bus and had to take a picture,
actually this one looks good. most are missing a lot of parts

Then we had our Zone Activity, and the teams were off,  RED Team

Part of the Black team

The Blue team, getting instructions from Sis Orrock on how to cheer

The White team

And they are off for the first competition

Somewhere in the middle of all this we fit in a baptism,
the reason we are all here, to Bring Souls to Christ

Elder Lyman

Elder Madill, seriously, chill, it is only a game

Water balloon volleyball

Pop the balloon on the other teams leader

Chew up and swallow all the crackers and then blow a bubble,
you have got to be kidding

Then do a little jig,
nice jig Elder Hansen

Elder Lyman, with our cheering section

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