Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2 Zones on Pohnpei, the whole Island get shaken up

Get ready parents, friends, and everyone out there.  Pohnpei now is a 2 Zone Island. That is right, 2 Zones the East Zone and the West Zone. And almost every companionship was changed., so here are the new changes. For those of you hearing about your son or daughters new callings, companions, area's,  for the first time, they all wanted you to know and see picture
 So here is the break down

Zone leaders

East Pohnpei Zone  - Elders Madill & Cook
West Pohnpei Zone  -  Elders Bourne & Lyman

New District Leaders

Elder Gardner
Elder Peterson
Elder Ashcraft
Elder Hanson

Transfered to Guam  -  Elder Bunn

Here are pictures of ALL the new companionship's, except Elder Vause, he is in Guam, he is a new trainer and will be back tomorrow with his new companion.
Elder Nanson & Elder Gardner  -  Mand

Elder Matalolo & Elder Ashcraft  -  Nett

Elder Afualo & Elder Tupua  -  Enpain

Elder Barrus & Elder Peterson  -  Sekerre

Elder Hanson & Elder Leeworthy  -  Wone

Elder Johnson & Elder Rice  -  Kitti

Sister Ma'a & Sister Fatongia  -  Sapwalap

Sis Komra & Sis Roberts  -  Kolonia

Sis Iowne & Sis Havea  -  Sokehs

Sis Orrock & Sis Beutler  -  Meshiou

Elder Holt & Elder Kim  -  UH

Elder Madill & Elder Cook  -  Awak

Elder Lyman & Elder Bourne  -  Palikir

Elder Bunn gets ready to go to Guam

What's this, A new companionship, aren't they a ltitle old?

Getting letters and packages

A lot of new responsibilities

Elder Kim, what a package for me ?

Sis Komra, there must be a mistake

Sis Beutler helping Sister Komra with her package

Sis Orrock

Sis Roberts

Farewell Elder Bunn

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